Need to Sell?

Interested In Buying Or Selling A Home?

We can help there too! Selling or buying a home can be challenging, especially if you are up against a clock, or looking for the perfect home. Here are some of the areas where we can help!


• We can help sell your contaminated home
• Help you sell your estate home, and assist with the probate
• We can help buy your home in disrepair 
• Help you sell and find your next home


• I've been renting too long and want to buy 
• I have a job change and need to move locations 
• Need a larger or smaller home

Credit Repair

Many times when you need to sell a home, it’s due to unforeseen circumstances that have made it difficult to make the mortgage payments. There are many reasons that you may need to sell a home, financial strain is only one of them. Whatever the reason, poor credit is many times the result of the current situation you’re in necessitating the need to sell. At Mountainland Homes our experienced staff is trained to analyze your credit report and see where improvement can be obtained. Many times it’s not as simple as just paying off a bad debt to improve your scores. We have the knowledge and ability to help you delete collections, open new trade lines, dispute erroneous reportings and pay down revolving credit. Many times we can significantly improve bad credit scores in just a few months! Call us for more details!

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