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During these difficult times many people have found it hard to keep up on their mortgage payments. After you’ve missed a few months of payments the bank may not accept single payments anymore, demanding that you bring the loan current or face foreclosure. Nobody wants to lose their home, nor do they want to be forced to sell. We have a solution! At Mountainland homes we have a plan where we will reinstate your mortgage by paying all the past due payments to bring your loan current. In the process we will help you fix your credit over the course of just a few short months. Once your credit has improved we will assist you in refinancing your mortgage. Many times in the course of the refinance we can get you a lower interest rate than you currently have, saving you money! We have a nominal charge for this service, which is comparable to what a real estate agent charges you when buying or selling a home. We build this fee into your refinance so you pay nothing out of pocket! Call us for more details!


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Credit Repair

One of the most difficult things to overcome while going through a foreclosure is the bad credit that follows. Having poor credit can last months or even years! At Mountainland Homes our experienced staff is trained to analyze your credit report and see where improvement can be obtained. Many times it’s not as simple as just paying off a bad debt to improve your scores. We have the knowledge and ability to help you delete collections, open new trade lines, dispute erroneous reportings and pay down revolving credit. Many times we can significantly improve bad credit scores in just a few months! Call us for more details!

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