Contaminated Homes

Have A Contaminated Home?

There are situations where you may find yourself in posession of a contaminated home. The most common form of contamination is methamphetamine. Many of these situations go unoticed to the home owner. You may have purchased a home later to find out it has unsafe levels of Meth. Perhaps you have tenants, past or present that have contaminated the home. Whatever the reason, exposure to a methamphetamine contaminated home can be very dangerous to it’s occupants. Dangerous levels of contamintation can last for many many years even if the home doesn’t have current meth exposure anymore. Once a home has been tagged by the Health Department as having unsafe levels of methamphetamine, it is unlawful to occupy the home. The Health Department will have the home closed to occupancy by the local sheriff’s office. The status of the home will remain as such until a remediation permit is obtained and the home is cleaned and retested to safe levels. Remediating the contamination is a must and can be done by a licensed company. Mountainland Homes has licensed and certified staff that can accomplish the task of decontamintion. You will find that our services are affordable, quick and discrete. We will handle all the permits, testing and communication with the Health Department the restore your home as quickly as possible. Feel free to contact us for a no obligation consultation and estimate to have us restore your home to a safe environment.

Credit Repair

It’s difficult to make Mortgage payments when a home is contaminated and closed by the Health Department to occupancy. The owner of the home is many times renting another place or even staying at a hotel while figuring out what can be done to remedy the situation. Mortgage payments and other bills get missed and poor credit is the result. At Mountainland Homes our experienced staff is trained to analyze your credit report and see where improvement can be obtained. Many times it’s not as simple as just paying off a bad debt to improve your scores. We have the knowledge and ability to help you delete collections, open new trade lines, dispute erroneous reportings and pay down revolving credit. Many times we can significantly improve bad credit scores in just a few months! Call us for more details!

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